Meet Kelly
Picture of Dr. Brown with stethascope around her neck.

Dr. Kelly Brown is a passionate healer that believes in a holistic approach when treating her patients. She is a life long learner and incorporates the latest research when making cooperative treatment plans. Dr. Brown uses a variety of modalities to treat and maintain health such as: botanical medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, and supplements. The positive relationships she develops with her patients is important for them to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Dr. Brown obtained a Bachelor of Science, in Biological Sciences from the University of Manitoba. After graduation she worked in cancer research at CancerCare MB before returning to school to study Naturopathic Medicine, at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Toronto Ontario.

Outside her office at the Birch Wellness Centre Dr. Brown is also a mobile naturopath in Corporate Wellness. She is available on Mondays to visit corporations and offices to treat employees at their workplaces. This service will benefit employees by helping them achieve their optimal health, have less sick days, provide them with more energy and productivity, as well as less time off work. For more information on this service, please email Dr. Brown.

Currently she is a peer review board member for research articles written for Integrated Healthcare Practitioners, and has publications at She is a member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Vice President of the Manitoba Naturopathic Association.